MAY 28, 2021 on ZOOM




We are very excited to have the opportunity to host the first annual Innovation Conference to celebrate engineering education at our Jacobs School of Engineering. Join us for a remote conferencing of talks from students, faculty, staff, and industry discussing engineering education. We are excited to bring together the leaders and voices of engineering education at our campus and welcome the diversity of thought and experiences to our discourse. 





09:00 AM

Opening Statements
Sophia Lau, PiB President
Phuong Truong, PiB Co-Founder

09:15 AM

Transcending Space and Time: Freeing Experiential Education from Time and Space Constraints

Speaker: Dean Pisano (JSOE)

09:45 AM

Teaching without teaching: Online simulations to enable Socratic Questioning

Speaker: Professor Sanjiv Erat (Rady School of Management)

10:00 AM

Student Presentations
Stasis (Smart Shoe Insole) - Start Up
Intro to Circuit Python - Outreach Project
LiFi Communication - Engineering Project
VR Armsleeve - Research Project 
3D Human Digitalization System Design - Research Project
Transmission for Squid-Inspired Robot - Research Project

11:00 AM

A Learning Laboratory for Dynamically Adaptive Educational Systems
Speaker: Prof. Jon Wade (MAE)

11:15 AM

Hands-on Learning Experiences to Support STEM Education

Presenter: Dr. Elide Pantoli 

Teaching Faculty: Prof. Van Den Einde (SE)

11:30 AM

The Experiential Language of Engineering: An Introduction to the Anthropology, Performance, and Technology (APT) Program
Speaker: Prof. Hortense Gerardo

11:45 AM

Experiential Learning While Making an Impact

Speaker: Prof. Curt Schurgers (ECE)

12:00 PM

Summer Internship Prep Program

Speaker: Prof. Truong Nguyen (ECE)

12:15 PM

How Early Research Experiences Affect Belonging and Persistence in Computing
Speaker: Prof. Christine Alvarado, Associate Dean for Students

12:30 PM

Future of Technology
Speaker: Nik Devereaux, Engineer, ViaSat

12:45 PM

Take a Lateral View

Speaker: Magaly Drant, Head of Eng. Ops., ServiceNow

01:00 PM

Closing Statements
Sophia Lau, PiB President
Jonathan Guerrero, PiB Project Director